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at Our Core

Everything we do is enabled by modern technology. Our next-generation platform
offers dozens of stats and filtration mechanisms, all enabled by a modular
approach that maximizes efficiency and minimizes cost.

Our Solutions, Your Choice

Just because our platform can do it all doesn’t mean you need it to. Clients select the precise functionalities that meet their needs, creating a robust yet focused experience.

We Built
This Space

Lots of firms are knowledgeable. Few can claim to have shaped their sector as it
exists today. Our team’s vast experience and deep, long-term engagement with
the compliance and analytics landscape means clients are in expert hands.

Our Finger's
on the Pulse

With regulation in a constant state of flux and cost pressures ratcheting up on
both sides of the Street, it pays to partner with an organization that lives and
breathes reporting and analytics.

Client Service

There’s a reason we can boast a client retention rate of 98% — our client service
team is as available as it is knowledgeable. This customer-first mentality extends
to our entire team. We work quickly so you can do the same.