Transaction Cost Analysis (TCA)

Build a robust post-trade workflow that meets your exact analytic needs.

What is Transaction Cost Analysis?

Transaction Cost Analysis (TCA) studies the cost of trades to determine whether those trades were sold and purchased at optimal prices for the client and is a key element of staying compliant with Best Execution practices.

The BXS TCA platform offers a flexible, cost-effective solution with powerful analytics to unlock competitive advantages and determine the overall quality of your trades. Ultimately, our TCA platform gives investment managers greater drill-down capabilities for added trade transparency.

Easily Meet Your Reporting Obligations. Then Go Further with TCA Analysis.

Receive a comprehensive view of execution quality and costs for all orders with our TCA next-generation platform. Use filtering mechanisms to create a truly bespoke report that captures an in-depth selection of over 65 TCA metrics including VWAP, TWAM, Open/Close benchmarks, and more.

Access analytics through high-level summaries and granular drill down

Create insights and realize competitive advantages

Identify missed opportunities for price improvement

Provide greater transparency for investors

Gain valuable insight into granular execution quality

Supports equities, options, and cryptocurrency asset classes

Made-To-Measure Transaction
Cost Analysis

Stay compliant while also exceeding your business goals. Regardless of where you are in the marketplace, the BXS TCA platform offers advanced capabilities unlike any other:

  • Powerful, drill-down analytics
  • Create customized reports for clients as a valued service, in addition to other marketing tools
  • Ability to give fund managers next-generation tools to refine growth strategies
  • Supports equity markets in the US, Canada, and Latin America

TCA for Broker-Dealers, Hedge
Funds, & Asset Managers

Greater transparency for investors doesn’t have to mean an increased compliance burden for the sell-side. Our next-generation platform enables users to leverage Best Execution tools and automate reporting with no disruption to workflow, while our competitor analytics means a greater ability to refine and pursue growth strategies.

Get future-proof insights for an evolving buy-side landscape. With ever-increasing regulation and rising technology costs, the modern fund manager is facing unprecedented challenges. Our BXS TCA platform delivers powerful insights that ensure not only compliance, but a level of knowledge, awareness, and clarity that takes you to the next level.

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