Crypto Best Execution Analysis

Scrutinize your execution and fine-tune your strategies and learn from the competition with our Best Execution Analysis for Cryptocurrency.

For multi-layered analysis like Crypto Best Execution, you need a solution that goes the extra mile. Leverage our powerful, customized tools to create game-changing insights around the execution quality of your order flow.

Are Your Crypto Best Ex Strategies and Procedures Robust Enough?

Our Crypto BestEx Analysis (CBA) encompasses a variety of tools built to boost your understanding of how you, your clients, and your competitors are interacting with the cryptocurrency markets around the globe.

Gain Your Edge with Execution Analytics

  • Take a comprehensive view of how market participants are interacting with one another.
  • Access analytics through high-level summaries, as well as full drill-down capabilities.
  • Size up the competition and create side-by-side comparisons of execution quality.
  • Create insights and realize competitive advantages.
  • Identify missed opportunities for price improvement and refine your own procedures.

Maximize Efficiency and Minimize Costs

Crypto Best Execution Analysis includes Execution Quality statistics formulated by BXS’s proprietary Crypto Best Bid/Offer (CBBO). Our powerful, advanced technology model has stats that include execution speed, performance improvement, and liquidity enhancement. Each stat can be filtered by client account, route destination, algo, and more.

NGS Panels for Molecular Breeding and Genotyping by Sequencing (GBS)


exchanges around the globe including Coinbase, Binance, Kucoin, FTX, Kraken, and other top exchanges


of coins and currency pairs including BTC, ETH, LTC, and more

Meet Your Business Goals and Go Further

  • Conduct internal “temperature checks” and Best Ex meetings.
  • Enhance execution and routing practices.
  • Send reports to clients as a valued service, in addition to other marketing services.
  • Differentiate yourself from the competition.
  • View stats that include execution speed, liquidity enhancement, and price improvement.
  • Filter stats by each account, route destination, algo, and more.

Trust the Experts:

BXS Crypto Best Execution Analysis Platform

Don’t just take it from the ones who know - take it from the ones who built the model for Best Execution analytics. BXS helped design the framework for Best Ex in equities and now we are excited to bring our expertise to the world of digital currency trading.

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