January 15, 2019

Press Releases

BXS Continues To Expand 606 Client Base

BXS, having pioneered many regulatory changes since 2000, has seamlessly integrated the framework needed for our clients to meet the new 606(a)(1) — At no additional cost.

At BXS, all of our platforms, suites and stand-alone products are available on demand, via secure login portals. Including the new Not Held 606(b)(3).

Roger Post, CEO of BXS, remarked – “by offering all of our products, whether it be our 605, EQRv2 or TCA to the Industry as stand-alone tools — which now includes the Not Held 606(b)(3), allow firms the option to meet their regulatory and Best Execution obligations at an extremely cost-effective price point without requiring purchase of an entire reporting suite.”

Many firms and some vendors may find the recent changes, such as properly recognizing IOIs, a bit daunting. However, here at BXS the framework for implementing the updates to the 606(a)(1) held and new 606(b)(3) Not Held Order Flow rules were implemented within less than a month after publication.

This rapid and seamless response by BXS is a testament to our agility as we continue to exemplify why BXS is the “go-to firm” to help clients not only comply but compete.

BXS is proud to be sponsoring this year’s Florida STA Conference, to be held on February 7-9th, located at the Opal Sands in Clearwater, FL. The BXS team will be on hand including Mr. Post who will be talking about the New 606(a)(1) and 606(b)(3) rules at the opening round table discussion.