July 1, 2020

Press Releases

BXS Welcomes Rasha Hantash as VP, Technology

Best Execution Solutions, LLC (BXS), the pioneer of 606 and 605 regulatory reporting technology, Post Trade analytics and Trade Surveillance is pleased to announce today that Rasha Hantash will be joining BXS’s fast growing team as the Vice President of Technology.

“BXS’s rapid growth has placed a need to expand our technology and resources and that includes hiring the most talented and enthusiastic people such as Rasha, who bring to the table a fresh new perspective,” says Roger Post, CEO

Rasha is a Software Engineer with a special interest in web application security and open source software. Rasha recently completed her two year internship at Capital One as a Software Developer, where she learned full-stack development and built a new user interface for Capital One customers.In addition to an excellent career start, Rasha brings with her exemplary leadership skills which began during her undergrad. For her last year as a computer science major, Rasha was elected to be the president of the Linux User Group where she held weekly tech-talks on Linux and other open-source technologies. Rasha is also the recipient of multiple awards including most recently her 1st place finish in the Lockheed Martin Challenge.

Among her new responsibilities, Rasha will be working directly with BXS’s CTO, Ben Calev, on Product development, Cloud management and Data analysis with an emphasis on Data integrity and Validation.Clients and current employees are invited to send their messages of congratulations and welcome her to a successful career at BXS.