December 15, 2022

In The News

SEC Proposes Updates to Best Execution Rules

– Updating and enhancing brokers’ best execution obligations to ensure that brokers have robust policies and procedures designed to ensure that they are fulfilling their obligations to put their investors’ interests first;

34-96496-fact-sheet.pdf (sec.gov)

– Improving disclosures of order execution information by expanding the scope of firms that must make Rule 605 disclosures, modernizing how orders are categorized, and enhancing the information required to be reported;

34-96493-fact-sheet.pdf (sec.gov)

– Modernizing trading price increments, lowering access fees, and enhancing transparency into the best available prices;

34-96494-fact-sheet.pdf (sec.gov)

– Promoting order competition for orders executed through retail trading channels, which may include orders for many smaller institutions.

34-96495-fact-sheet.pdf (sec.gov)