April 15, 2022

In The News

The Security Traders Association of New York recognizes our Chief Strategy Officer Ben Calev

At STANY, our members define us! This month’s spotlight is on newly rejoined member, Ben Calev. Ben is the Founder and Chief Strategy Officer at Best Execution Solutions (BXS). BXS is a trade data analytics firm that builds cutting-edge technology to deliver high-performance software solutions and powerful market insights to broker-dealers, buy-side firms, hedge funds, market centers, and individual traders.

Prior to founding BXS, Ben spent 15 years at The Transaction Auditing Group (TAG) where he was responsible for all database and technology operations and built its IT infrastructure. Ben also was also involved in Client Services and Software Development while at TAG. Having been involved in all aspects of Best Execution reporting, including the origination of Rules 605 and 606, Ben has unique and intimate knowledge of the industry. A frequent participant in industry groups Ben strives to further standardize and normalize Best Execution across both traditional and emerging asset classes.

“Throughout my 20 years in the industry, STANY has been a valuable resource for developing relationships and keeping abreast of industry trends. STANY continues to be a valuable partner for BXS, especially in their continued efforts to educate industry members.”

A 1998 graduate of Ithaca College, Ben enjoys woodworking and playing guitar in his spare time. He lives in Northern New Jersey with his wife and two daughters.